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A Little About Me

Hello, I’m Lola, I was born a quiet bird, brought up in England, spending time at a Quaker boarding school. My background is in Broadcast Media, I’ve worked for and worked in major market media corporations which includes CBS and the Oprah Winfrey Company in audio production.

Sometime ago, I seemed to have what I wanted, working in the field I had studied and love. Yet, I desired a relationship with meaning. Someone with whom I could be myself and someone who would accept me just as I am and I would accept him just as he is. That journey was a long one of disappointment and for a long time, I didn’t understand why it was taking so long to meet the right person but I kept trying to manifest my soulmate. Heartbreak after a broken heart later, I would analyse failed relationships, blame the man, make excuses, relive the past and, think of my parent’s relationship. I had taken so many courses and spent so much money that it was discouraging and embarrassing not to have met my beloved, my soulmate. Him. I was lonely and feared that I may have to accept that I’m supposed to be single. Did I want too much? Am I too old? Perhaps I’m not supposed to have anyone in my life and yet the only thought that resonated was to be married to a lovely man.

I got serious about myself. I believed that I wouldn’t have the strong yearning, the desire, where it was not meant to manifest. I took responsibility for my past relationships. Forgave myself and my past partners in relationships and in particular for the part I played. I cried, then thanked the men, especially those that lied and cheated on me for it made me who I am today. I thought of the how and why, then started to focus on my future and what I wanted. I took one more course with a mentor who also had faith that it was possible for me to get married. Amy guided me and then something clicked.

I discovered myself and how I function. I read books about how we all functioned differently in relationships depending on how we were brought up, and our experiences in relationships, what we learn or hold on to. The stories we tell ourselves about what happens to us and our limiting beliefs and barriers. I marveled about love languages and styles of communication. Learned and practiced letting go and forgiveness. Using my femininity to have faith, take responsibility and make a decision to stop lamenting and get on with it.

I studied Hypnotherapy, Affirmations, Neuro Linguistic Programming and worked with Brainwave Entrainment and the Law of Attraction.

I started producing my own audio using what I had learned, I listened to the audio every day and night and It was in using my femininity and politely saying no, thank you to Mr wrong, deciding not to settle that it happened for me. Just like that… there he was …that simple. He was manifested, the love of my life, my soulmate who is now my lovely husband! Then it all seemed to be worth it and it can happen for you too. I trained to become a Coach and Hypnotherapist and now produce audio to facilitate change. You found me for a reason and if your story resonates then we should have a chat. I want to inspire you to what is possible for you. In anticipation of the right one coming along.

How I Can Help You

As a Professional Life Coach and Dating/Relationship Expert and Hypnotherapist, I write, create and produce personalised audio to facilitate change. I have studied and also received tutelage in self-improvement and development at:

Landmark Worldwide
NLP Coaching-Hypnotherapy with the Tad James Company
Brainwave Entrainment and Neuro Linguistic Programming
Divine Living Academy
Law of Attraction Manifesting with Victoria Gallagher
Calling in “The One”
The School of Metaphysics

With my cosmopolitan background, I empower and coach clients to date gracefully for a lasting committed relationship or for marriage. In addition, I also help with mindset training to handle worry and anxiety during life’s challenges.

Individual and personalised coaching is available to clients who are open, ready and available to the commitment of investing in their success. Whilst I don’t treat or diagnose, I collaborate with clients using hypnotherapy to enable them to manifest their goals. I will inspire, encourage, support and collaborate with you by producing integrated personalised audio that enables manifestation, and facilitates to release barriers in the way.

I am available for a 30 minute complimentary discovery call.

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