The Testimonials

“Lola helped me out in one of the most trying times of my life after the love of my life broke up with me out of the blue after two years. From talking to you I realized that I was more in control of my life than I thought and that I didn’t have to apologize for who I was or what I thought. You allowed me to express a lot of my feelings that I desperately needed someone to listen to. I learned new techniques and was able to apply them in certain situations and you gave me new ideas and refereed me to valuable resources. I’ve learned that I deserve to find someone that respects me and that there is someone out there that will have everything I am looking for. I now can focus on myself and be more open to meeting someone new in the future. We are in charge of our lives.”

~ Jennifer Ellis

- Chicago, Illinois

“When I met Love Coach Lola Vanderstrand, in Santa Monica, I was surprised at how much wisdom she had in the relationship area. I thought I knew it all, after all I`ve been married to my College sweetie forever and grateful for that. Even so, I decided to take some coaching with her. She really got me back to appreciating and retrieving some fun and adventure from those first times, bringing back more spontaneity and the sense that all is possible again.”

~ Ilaria Storch

- São Paulo, Brazil

“I had the pleasure of interviewing Lola on my Podcast and found her to be a charming and knowledgeable guest. Her passion for working with others shines through when she speaks about helping her clients break through limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding them back in their lives. It is clear that she has done the work herself and believes in the power of the mind/body connection. Lola’s gift of creating individual mantra recordings for her clients is, not only is unique, but intimately personal and powerful for each particular individual. Lola shines as a coach and gets results!”

~ Jen Endacott

- Redondo Beach, California

“Thank you Lola for your coaching. Your exercise in working with creating an ideal partner has helped me to visualize and feel the right person coming. You are patient, intuitive and helpful. I know you have helped me to create and refine what I am looking for.“

~ Robin Richardson

- Chicago, Illinois

“I would like to not only recommend but advocate Lola Vanderstrand as your mentor for Life Coaching.  Lola’s intuition proceeds from the core of who she is as a kind and gentle soul who commands a confident bearing. A disciplined yet warm approach allows her to have a high degree of success in terms of mentoring individuals in personal challenges and or careers.  Lola’s background is her foundation, her ethics are drawn from a rich tapestry, as an Anglican and Quaker from England. Lola’s professional experience can only augment her ability to achieve success in coaching you to your goals. 

Lola has a seemingly infinite capacity for optimism and because of her positive constitution, I firmly believe this guides her in relationships and intrapersonal skills.  My Mrs. Vanderstrand has an optimistic outlook in her interactions with others which I believe will translate into Lola being able to inspire and encourage.  For Lola, life coaching is a vocation and desire to help others.

My name is William Vanderstrand and it is my pleasure to share my insights on the amazing woman I love and to share her with you.”

~ William Vanderstrand

“I Working with you has been incredible. I came to you with a strong desire to attract my soulmate husband, but I had many personal blocks. You showed me where those blocks are in a graceful way so that I always felt good about myself, and you gently helped me to work through them and see my worth. I understand now that this is a JOURNEY for me.

I know that your attraction techniques have sped things along immensely — your bespoke meditations, the affirmations, and the BEING in his energy. This magnetization is KEY to successfully drawing my soulmate husband closer. My approach to dating is lighter and easier, I know exactly what I want and what I have to offer. I didn’t have that before.

I didn’t really know what I have to offer, and I didn’t know if someone would actually want it. You showed me that my Someone will want me exactly as I am. Not better or thinner or smarter. Just me. Working with you has changed my life.
I’d love to connect with you about the 3-month Momentum package.
Thank you again, Lola. You have truly changed my life.”

~ Bridget Flynn